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Grand Duel Rules​

  1. You may challenge 10 people. We will have a list available of whom is competing in the Grand Duel. You may not challenge someone who has challenged you.

  2. You may be challenged 10 times. If you have not been challenged 5 time you MUST accept all challenges. Once you have been challenged 10 times you will refuse other challenges.

  3. The challenged person will name the weapon used.

  4. If a weapon is larger than a longsword (eg: polax, montante) the challenger may refuse that weapon.

  5. If you do not have the weapon stated, you must negotiate with another person to borrow theirs unless there are no other of that weapon available. (NB: No other weapon available means that there is none at the venue/that someone will lend to you; if they are in use, you must wait.)

  6. If no other of that weapon is available, you may propose an alternative substitute or refuse that weapon. (Eg: there's no other smallsword, would it be ok if I used a rapier?)

  7. You will decide the rules of the duel between yourselves (eg: to first touch, to 10 points, until 2 minutes have passed)

  8. If you cannot agree on rules you will fight for two minutes with no scoring.

  9. You will conduct the duel at a time and place convenient to both fencers.

  10. Once all your duels are completed or at the end of the event you will nominate your favourite opponent.

  11. The fencer with the most nominations will be recognised as the champion of the Grand Duel.

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