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International Presenters


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Fama, Arto (Zwaard & Steen)

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Miklaszewski, Jerzy (Silkfencing Team)

Jerzy Miklaszewski started his 22 years of martial art experience with the first Polish branch of ITF (International Tae Kwon Do Federation), studying under Marek Lech, one of the precursors of the Polish Tae Kwon Do.

He then continued his education under Sifu Andrzej Szuszkiewicz from Wing Chun Kuen Kung Fu, where he learned a different understanding of martial arts, visited multiple seminars, special classes, meetings and met masters of Ju Jutsu, Tai Chi (both Chen and Chuan style), Tang Lang Men – he also studied the same martial arts in Melbourne and France under master such as William Chueng (Ip Man Student) or Didier Beddar . After few years, he was one of the first students of Soke Toshimichi Takeuchi in Bujutsu Kan school, which was created in Cracow.


His studies brought him towards different Japanese styles like Kenjutsu, Aikido, Kyudo, Judo, Ninjutsu, Kendo, Aikijutsu and many others in numerous seminars over entire Poland. Yet a true renaissance of his martial arts way came when he met a group of European martial arts enthusiasts, where under harsh, unyielding and implacable training conditions, he started to use all his previously gained knowledge. After a few years of sparring, Jerzy started winning at tournaments. That is when he, with his fellow senior instructor, decided to create a school created upon diversity of approach towards martial arts, where they started teaching people the ways of old, but still efficient and uncompromising European martial arts till this day.


Through this experience, Jerzy has created an initiative called the Silkfencing team, which is developing even more, through scientific and practical research. His cooperation with many worldwide specialists has made his research and his knowledge develop, he is cooperating with many important organization, such as HEMA Alliance, Muzeum Narodowe w Krakowie, Muzeum UJ, Stowarzyszenie Miłośników Broni i Barwy, Unia Jiu Jiutsu, Polish Sport Fencing Federation and many other institutions. His school is one of the only seven Polish schools that are in official cooperation with Polish Fencing Association. He is as well a member of Polish Knight Fighting Cadre, with which he achieved World Vice Championship
in Armoured Group Fighting on IMCF. His unique research of the Polish Szabla has been brought by him to many places in the world, as he already conducted seminars in over 18 countries Japan, England, Scotland, USA, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Italy, Greece, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Thailand and Ireland.

Since 2014 Silkfencing Team became a study group of the Meyer Freifechter Guild and a Pammachon organization and HEMA Alliance. In 2017 Silkfencing Team started a copperation with ARMA-PL Kraków, creating Krakowska Szkoła Fechtunku (KSF), the biggest proffesional HEMA center in southern Poland and operated. With lots of analyzed treatises, manuals and with the experience verified by many different schools throughout the entire world, KSF team always learns, analyses and adapts, representing a young and ever evolving attitude towards life and understanding of changing environment.

Australian Presenters

Buchanan, James (Fechtschule Victoria)

James has been involved in Historical European Martial Arts since 2005 when he first discovered Melbourne Swordplay Guild. It was in 2007 though that he was introduced to what has become his passion - German Longsword which he has been studying since. Since 2012, James has been actively interpreting the various teachings of the Liechtenauer lineage, specializing in 15th Century manuals. James commenced teaching in 2013 at what would become Fechtschule Victoria and remains an active teacher there.

Cullinan, Richard (Stoccata School of Defence)
Richard Cullinan first formally studied fencing in 1997 under Peter Linich, Maestro di Scherma. Building on this classical foundation, he branched out into historical fencing systems, and is now the leading researcher and exponent of Renaissance Italian fencing systems within Australia, and recognised internationally for his research in Bolognese swordsmanship. Richard is the Chief Instructor of the Stoccata Drummoyne branch. He has also qualified as an Instructor at Arms in Classical Italian School fencing through the Fencing Masters Certificate program at SSU, California USA. You can find his research at
Carew, Bill (Collegium In Armis)


Bill Carew started historical fencing in 2000 with the HACA (later ARMA) Gold Coast group led by Craig Gemeiner. In 2003 Bill co-founded Collegium in Armis in Brisbane, a thriving HEMA school with a central focus on the German longsword tradition. He has competed in various interstate tournaments, and presented classes and workshops in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. At Collegium in Armis he practices and leads courses in German longsword, British broadsword, and the staff fighting tradition of Jogo do Pau. He also has interests in wrestling, knife, and the jägerstock (double ended hunting staff).

Fowler, Emma
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Godwin, Christopher (Australis Scherma Scuola di Spada e Sciabola)

Having started studying HEMA in 2015 I've had a rollercoaster of a ride. From working from Renaissance manuals to learning from a master with an intact lineage & discovering the joy of teaching + everything inbetween. Making lifelong friends, improving my mind & body, discovering new & exciting ways to maim people with weapons. In a nutshell my HEMA experience has shown me a new, better way to live.

Holgate, Mark (Adelaide Sword Academy)


Mark is the Head Instructor and Founder of Adelaide Sword Academy. His major interests are in 16th and early 17th century longsword and sidesword, especially Joachim Meyer’s works. He is a successful tournament fencer across multiple weapon forms, and has instructed throughout Australia and the US. Mark’s passion is for the embodiment and mastery of the Art at a grass roots level.

Kelly, Mady (Fechtschule Victoria) 
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Kraskov, Martin
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Lunn, Toby (BTCC) 
Current head instructor at BTCC and active HEMA competitor for the last 3 years. Specialising in German longsword and wrestling with a background in submission and freestyle wrestling along with Judo and Muay Thai
McGuigan, Nelson (Melbourne Messer Club)

Nelson made his start in HEMA at 12 years old, studying the "Danzig" gloss of Liechtenauer's longsword with his Kendo friends in his backyard, eventually falling in love with all other weapons and unarmed martial arts as well. Following that keen interest into his adult life, Nelson committed himself to daily study of Johannes Leckuchner's "Kunst des Messerfechtens" and eventually co-founded the Melbourne Messer Club in 2017 with the goal of making Messer Fencing accessible to anyone in a safe and rewarding way. Outside of HEMA Nelson trains in Judo and other grappling arts.

Silvanna, Jess
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Slee, Chris (Vanguard Swordsmanship Academy)

Chris Slee has fenced with rapier, sidesword and longsword for more than a decade and is currently a Provost and instructor at Vanguard Swordsmanship Academy. He has published four major translations of HEMA and HEMA-related texts from French into English.

Wauchope, Gindi (The School of Historical Fencing)


Gindi Wauchope has been teaching medieval and renaissance combat using a variety of weapons since 2010. He started teaching with the Society for Creative Anachronism, then Melbourne Swordplay Guild, and now runs his own school teaching regular classes on Fiore, Italian Rapier, and Bolognese fencing.

Wran, James (Brisbane Swords)

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