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General Admission (all four days)

   Early-bird:    $200 (February 2019)

   General:       $250 (March 2019)

   Late:            $300 (April 2019)

Concession Entry (all four days)

   Early-bird:    $200 (February-March 2019)

   Late:            $250 (April 2019)

Single day entry

   $90 per day (general admission)

   $75 per day (concession)

Social events are not included in the costs above. Pre-registration and payment is required for the event dinners and women's discussion. Pre-registration is appreciated but not required for other social events. 

Please note the following details prior to registration: 

  • Entry for a given day includes participation in both workshops and tournaments for that day;

  • Tournament and workshop participation will be capped. If the maximum number of participants per tournament or workshop is reached, you may need to seek an alternate activity for that timeslot.

    • All workshops by international instructors will run twice, to maximise participation. Sign-ups for workshops will open online shortly before the event. You will not be allowed to register for the same workshop twice, but are welcome to attend if space remains on the day. 

    • Priority will be given to volunteers and for tournaments, those with greater competition experience, but otherwise on a first come-first served basis.

    • The women's tournament and breakfast are only available to female identifying participants. 

  • All tournaments will be run at a restricted intensity. This includes restrictions on grappling, strength of blows and unsporting behaviour, as outlined in the rules. 

  • By signing up to a tournament you are agreeing to judge a pool of the same tournament in which you are not competing. Pool and judging assignments will be provided in the days leading up to the tournaments, but may change due to participant withdrawl or addition. 

  • While we will attempt to limit tournaments pools to a single workshop slot, it cannot be guaranteed; similarly, you may be unable to sign up for a workshop run during the tournament finals until pool results are known; your workshop attendance time may be limited on days you will be competing. 


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Alternate registration arrangements will be made for presenting instructors and volunteers, which will be discussed directly, please do not complete this form . 

If you have any queries please e-mail


For any further queries, including any difficulties you may experience with the form below, please e-mail

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